Rob Aston
Happy Work Coach
Business and Personal Coach

Director, Happiness Development Ltd

About Coaching
Coaching provides a time and space to explore aspects of your life with another person in strictest confidence. It’s aim is to support personal growth and fulfilment; to help gain clarity about what you want, where you are now and how best to move forward. My aim as a coach is to help you develop your own insights and conclusions.

Coaching can help you:

  • Increase your levels of happiness
  • Improve your performance
  • Unlock more of your potential
  • Clarify your goals and move forward more rapidly
  • Move forward in a situation where you feel ‘stuck’

About Rob
Over twenty years experience working with and coaching individuals and teams. I have a passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations maximise their potential and sense of fulfilment. I founded Happiness Development Ltd because I passionately believe that happier people perform better, contribute more and that happiness is success.

Coaching Sessions

  • 100% focused on your goal(s)
  • Sessions are completely confidential
  • Sessions are 60 minutes at timing of mutual convenience
  • Online via Skype / Hangout – a popular choice
  • Or meet at an agreed venue (London)


“I was at a stage in which I wanted a career change but without knowing exactly what to do next. Rob gave me the opportunity to uncover my forgotten dreams and at the same time to find robust and realistic options that increased my happiness.”
– AS, London

“Rob helped me finding my own way without invading or judging my thoughts (and dreams). His guidance gave me clarity about my options in a realistic way.”
– AL, London

“It’s funny how life is sometimes timed just right. Rob’s coaching really helped me find my feet again after coming to a bit of a cross roads in life (to go it alone or continue along the well trodden path). Rob’s skill is to listen and open up your thoughts on what you’re capable of and take small steps to your ambitions. Having only a few sessions I left with a clear idea of my goals and how to take small steps to achieve them.”
– DS, London

£ Prices
Coaching sessions can be booked individually on a pay-as-you go basis or booked as a package as follows:

  • Single 1 hour session = £60
  • Package of 3 sessions = £150

If you would like to arrange a session or find out more please email me at

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